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Strobes: Alien bee B800, Godox Sk400, Godox AD600

Continuous Lights: Aperture 300D

Light Modifers: 38in Deep Parabolic Softbox, Pop-up Octobox, 24×24 Softbox, 30×48 Softbox, 14×63 Strip Softbox, 28in White Beauty Dish, 7ft White Umbrella, 7ft silver umbrella, S-Type Zoom Reflector

Space Amenties: All white industrial 7000 square feet open warehouse space with concrete floors adjacent to the cyc wall.

• Cyclorama wall: 25’ W x 25’ D x 16’ H2

• 20ft vaulted high ceiling

• 60amp Bates cable plug 

• Easy ground floor loading access